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Title-membershi application form

This form may be printed or hand written and should be
sent to the American Region Secretary-
Dr. Wallace H. Spaulding
1206 Buchanan St.
McLean, VA 22101-2943

(703) 356-7291

DECLARATION (Which must be made by those desiring to be admitted to membership of the Society of Mary.)

(Revd/Dr/Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms) (block letters/ Full name)

Declare that I am a member of the Holy Catholic Church and that I conform to her Discipline and Precepts, and desire to be admitted a member of the Society of Mary.

RECOMMENDATION by a Priest (who need not necessarily be a Member)

From my PERSONAL knowledge of


I believe that he/she is suitable to be admitted as a member of the Society of Mary.

Date____________ Signed______________________


Parish/ Appointment_________________________________


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